Gable roof

Gable roof sheds feature a triangular design with two sloping sides that meet in the middle, giving them a traditional look. The slightly elevated middle adds extra space inside the shed, making it feel more spacious than other designs.


A skillion shed has a single sloping appearance and has the ability to lean onto your home. This means that they can easily fit into small spaces and blend into your residential home’s appearance. A further advantage is that skillion roofing is generally cheaper due to using less materials.

American Style Barn

Also known as a heritage or traditional style, an American barn shed has the distinct raised drop on the central bay. Typically an American barn has a gable roof on the central bay with symmetrical awnings.

Farm shed

Farm Sheds are generally considered to be very basic buildings used for farming purposes. They are used to protect stock from the elements, store hay or produce, or house farm vehicles when not in use.


Garaports are essentially structures resembling garages or sheds, but with the addition of a roof extension. This allows you to park vehicles, boats, caravans, and similar items while ensuring that your enclosed shed remains available for other storage purposes.

Lean to

A lean-to shed is a simple and efficient outdoor structure that provides additional storage space for homeowners. Unlike other types of sheds, a lean-to shed is constructed by attaching one side of the structure to the side of an existing building, such as a house or garage.


A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor installed between the main floors of a building. In a shed, a mezzanine floor allows you to maximize the available space by adding an extra level. This is perfect if you need more storage or want a second level for an office, workshop, or extra living space.


Stables in sheds are dedicated spaces for housing animals or storing agricultural equipment. They include features like stalls and feeding areas, providing shelter and organisation within the shed.

Sheds: Your Complete Solution for Quality Shed Construction

Discover the expertise and support you need for seamless shed construction with Dynaspan. Our comprehensive services include:

  1. Consultation and Planning:
    • Expert guidance on navigating council regulations and designing the perfect shed for your needs.
    • Budgeting assistance and tailored advice on space utilization, structural considerations, and customization options.
  2. Procurement and Construction:
    • Sourcing high-quality materials and coordinating with reliable contractors for precise construction.
    • Site preparation, foundation construction, structural assembly, and meticulous finishing to ensure durability and functionality.
  3. Customization and Interior Finishing:
    • Personalized options for insulation, ventilation, electrical wiring, and interior layout to meet your unique requirements.
    • Installation of shelving, workbenches, and storage solutions for optimal usability and organization.
  4. Exterior Integration:
    • Integration with your outdoor space, including landscaping, exterior finishes, and utility connections for a seamless transition.

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